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03-30-2013, 10:04 PM
"You do have Fleets. You can even forbid non-RR toons from joining or participating. The only difference is the RR doesn't have exclusive starbase art (yet)."

True but a its federation or Kdf fleet. Its not a Romulan fleet. When you chose a faction when you level it marks you for that faction. If the Romulan fleets are independent then the queues for PVE and PVP would't work. You could make a Romulan themed fleet but you would still have to start a new fed or kdf starbase instead of a Romulan one. Who wants too start that if there even a glimmer of hope for Romulan starbases in the future. Better yet will Romulan players that join exsiting fleets with built up starbases want to leave them after leveling their characters up in those fleets , I dont think so. It will always a splinter faction..oh well.