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I remember before season 7 hit, and how we were allowed to access and test many of the items from Reputation that we wouldn't have had access to otherwise. Including the still-not-released Plasma Flamethrower.

However, this didn't include the various items from the Embassy. So I'd just like to request that we have access to more items in the future on Tribble, so any issues found can be easily squashed more ahead of time.

Not just Rep stuff, but like new DOFFs, future Fleet Holding items (whatever those may include as such), ships, etc etc.

If you don't wanna spoil stuff, that's ok of course, I don't mind personally. But there's still a lot people want to test so bugs, issues, exploits, etc, can be worked on before-hand. I like coming onto Tribble and looking at stuff, testing it out, etc. But I just want to be able TO test it out though as well.

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