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03-30-2013, 11:48 PM
I have to say, I find this new UI and Color Scheme to be dreadful. It's so dark and blocky, it actually makes my eyes hurt to look at. I agree 100% with the earlier comment that it looks like it came from a 10 year old game. I wouldn't have ever thought abou tit, but the corners of the various boxes being sharp, rather than rounded off as they are currently is more annoying than I would have ever thought it could be.

That said, some of the changes are nice like the pictures in the character pane etc. Nice to see my ship looking fully customized in the pane.

My suggestions:

1. Round a few corners off so it's easier on the mind and brighten the pallet up a bit.

2. Give some color choice options. A lot of people find the current KDF red horrifying, but I myself rather like it. Giving some options for the pallet, even if it's just two or three would make a lot of people happy.

Final comment: Personally I really like the current "Feds are Blue and KDF are Red" situation. I didn't look at the game yet from a KDF character, but I sincerely hope the UI colors are not going to be the same for all factions. I enjoy havng the overall color scheme look different when I change factions.