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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
So as we all know, Romulans will have to choose Fed or KDF. In turn, they will be able to join Fed or KDF fleets to gain access to their various items and such.

I just had a thought that...what if they added in a unique compromise regarding the Starbase? Here's how it'd go:

Romulans join Fed and KDF fleets. However, they add in Romulan starbases, which level up as the actual Starbase does. It wouldn't be treated as it's own separate Starbase, but say...

You had a tier 4 Federation Starbase that was tier 4 across the board. In turn, the moment Romulans are added, there would be a tier 4 Romulan Starbase that Romulan players could visit.

Now, I dunno how well and how far the 'immersion' could go. Like would the Starbase purely be an outside skin and then players would magically appear in a Fed or KDF starbase, or would it have it's own interiors, along with all the Featured Project stuff being added in.

Also, I doubt that it'd work well in trying to make it get used for Fleet Alert and such PvE missions, but who knows.

But honestly, if they did add in all that (even if it cost fleet's an arm and a leg to do it) that'd be a really good compromise. Not perfect, but then Romulans could still have their Romulan Starbase. They'd have to choose Fed or KDF, true, but at least it'd be something.
They are NOT going to add anything your suggesting here, they are not going to care what people are asking for on these forums. Quit wasting your time giving your "ideas" because they are NOT going to happen.