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03-31-2013, 12:16 AM
What about making a dedicated Romulan "Holding" ala Embassy? Complete with a unique starbase with its own construction tiers and interior and decoration projects. Aside from maybe a small bit of decoration signifying the side the starbase leans towards, the design could be Romulan-specific with no other hints of allegiance. This would be ideal since it would reduce development time - instead of having to make Red and Blue versions of additions for two holdings, they can just do one and apply it to both.

Primarily it would be a Military/Diplomacy holding.

Military tiers would unlock new ground weapons with Romulan themes - Fed/KDF versions of these weapons would have generic skins, but RR players would get a unique set of skins ala Elite weapons. Additionally, but most importantly, it would provide Romulan-only Fleet ships.

Diplomacy could unlock special kits - generic when used on other toons, but with unique visuals on Romulan characters.

Not a full sized Starbase like you proposed, but it carries all the same flavor and fits in the current Fleet scheme.

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They are NOT going to add anything your suggesting here, they are not going to care what people are asking for on these forums. Quit wasting your time giving your "ideas" because they are NOT going to happen.

Well aren't you just a ray of damn sunshine.