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03-31-2013, 12:17 AM
Originally Posted by anarric View Post
I really thinkg someone has been playing WoW and been using Xperl a lot. There is ALOT of Xperl Style themes going on, and it's just aweful. I hated xperl in WoW and I'll hate it here
Ive never played wow and I had to look up Xperl just to know what your were referring to.

That said the problem I have with new UI is that I have to enlarge it to take up about 30-35% of my screen so the icons are big enough for me to distinguish between them. The current UI on holodeck only takes up about 25% of my screen to accomplish the same objective. That's a problem no matter how you cut it or what you call it.

Then after you get past the facts like UI footprint on the screen and identification of UI components theres a large group of people who find the new UI to look worse in their opinions. I'm one of them. So now for me not only is the UI more in the way of what I want see in the game but whats in the way looks worse to me.