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Felix walks onto the bridge

Felix: helm set course for durango station full warp.

Helm : aye sir

Felix: Vadem Tal will you please both meet me in my ready room.

As they walk in

Felix: thoughts

Tal: on what

Felix: everything

Vadem: we must turn thi organiation in to an organized strong disciplend unit.

Felix: guess who just voulunteered himself. Tal what baout you?

Tal: I will not leave i will search for my contacts in what is left of the imperial military i know that a small portion of the empire survived in space outside the federation. They may be willing to help us.

Felix: ok if anything is left of the empire we want them on our side with the ships and weapons they would have.

OOC: i am not letting the empire die that easily So also a little run down they control a space of about a third of the federation so a decent spot of space they have we will give them 2500 ships altogether all with technology on par with the federation or republic.

Dayton system the new home of the empire it has been since the fall but has remained quite slowly building its fleets and army.

Imperial captial in the large command building a group of High ranking officers meet. present are
Admiral Yurig
Vice Aadmiral Terish
General Mendui
Field Marshal Tylim
and Grand Admiral Terrace

Admiral Yurig: we know something is going in cardassian space

General Mendui: until we know more we need to jut stay quite no need to make a scene this early

V Admiral Terish: bt what if we can use this to our advantage

Yurig: unless we know more of whats going we shouldnt engage once we know we can

Field marshal tylim: I agree with the admiral here

Grand Admiral Terrace watchs as they speak sitting at the head of the table. Being in charge of imperial matters was not an easy task but one he accepted.He and Admiral Yurig where the only flag offcers from the original empire. Something that had bothered him. But he wasnt going to let the empire fall. Not after all the work they had put into saving it.

Terrace: we will wait once we know why the federation is on alert we will make a decision. dismissed

he watchs who he recieves glances from as the officers get up to leave leaving only his royal guard in the room. he soone returns to the I.S.C Nightfall his ship and the imperial command ship