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03-31-2013, 02:55 AM
I wrote this in another thread:

Imho, cloak in the way implemented now is far to effective. I say that playing Klingon as main faction. You have to invest alot to penetrate the cloak of KDF vessels. However, if done so, they are highly vulnerable, which is a bad thing too.

I think, giving cloak the way it works now to another faction is just making things worser then they already are.

Invisibility in MMORPGs is very difficult to balance out even on a single class, like rogues. I find it insane to give 90% of playerbase of an faction invisibility.

A solution would be a counter ability bound to any fed ship like cloak is bound to most of KDF vessels. This ability would put you in red alert and boost your sensors so that at equal sensor/stealth skill cloaked vessels can be detected up to 5 - 8 kilometers.

At the same time, if Klink vessels are cloaked, their shields stay online, however, cloak put them in red alert not allowing them to travel with full impulse. These type of cloak also should not give an damage bonus on uncloak.

Exeptions would be Bird of Prey class vessels, that should have en enhance cloaks which is effective like cloak now, because these ships are heavily relying on stealth attacks. Shields of BoP class will stay offline for cloaking, damage bonus stays.

Of course, since KDF and FED vessels are currently stat wise balanced due to the fact of invisibility, KDF vessels need to be adjusted in their stats. In addition, Kerrat spawn need to be fixed. Often, as a KDF player, you have no chance to re-spawn at all if not using your cloak, because of spawn camping Fed players.