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Originally Posted by commadorebob View Post
I have a little fleet related news. I won't actually announce anything official until we have decided which direction to take. Until then, we are taking comments and suggestions. We will use this information and decide on a course of action.

I want to be perfectly clear: NOTHING IS CHANGING AT THIS TIME. We remain a Ferasan-only fleet.

That being said, news has come out that the Romulan "faction" will not have a fleet system but rather will align with a faction and access their fleets (sounds more like a guild than a faction, but I digress). At this time, the actual founders of the fleet (a.k.a. those of us from day one) are considering allowing limited Romulan alts. We are not allowing anything yet. We are merely considering the possibility.

Before we decide whether to open the issue to a fleet-wide vote, we need your comments on the matter.
So, should we open the fleet to Romulan Alts and what should the limitations be?
I have my opinion, but we want to hear from the fleet.

Again, until further notice we are a Ferasan-only fleet!
My suggestion:
"Model 1"
Limited Romulans are allowed (some king of adoption, they have to swear a fealthy oath, also Maximum:1 per Career option, and for every romulan in the FSF you have to own one maxlevel FSF-cat, to said maximum of three Romulans).
Never more than 25% Romulans in the fleet (Romulans have to enter their species in the "Member Comments" Textfield).

Suggestion "Model 2":
Only allow Romulans (except romulan cats!) for the first Two Weeks, so only current members of FSF can join with a romulan, same restictions as above, no more rom's than FSF kittys.

I do not really like the idea of another fleet, i certainly would not do the starbase grind again.

Edit: Evil Suggestion 1: Dependant on Starbase Contributions, for Donations of 1.5 mil Fleetcredits (Masters are exempted) or above you are allowed to join the FSF with ONE Romulan.(Well, im not absolutely serious with the last one, but on a second thought..., why not reward top contributors like kess, 1'st, targoss, i'zira and others? this would prevent a flood of our green blooded friends)

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