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03-31-2013, 05:30 AM
I am mainly bored waiting on them to fix the omega/maco/hg ground sets bug from season 7 so I can "save 60% time".

It might seem pityful but it breaks the game for me not being able to wear the no. 1 outfit in the game when I know I earned it half a year ago.

I did have hopes the tholian reputation might help me get over it but it turns out to be the environment suit outfit so t5 optional remains king.

I do play a few stf's a week and to show my fleet I haven't stopped playing.

One of the things that was set about the bad development of the reputation system was removing the incentive to play certain maps and play beyond t5 - which is exactly what happened to me.
The second I was done on t5 I stopped playing romulan missions entirely.

If I could go on eSTF and earn sets like in the old days I would still be playing and even doing new alts and what not.

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