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03-31-2013, 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
So if you add new textures over the same object makes that a new object?
A veiled ad-hominem. I'll ignore it.

the current blue UI uses alot of bloom which you cant turn off in options.Go type /showfps 1 in chat then alt+f12 to remove the UI to see the difference in frames per second .Then go on tribble and do the same thing .You will see that the UI on tribble is less demanding ..that is important when you have many stuffs on the screen.
For me this is false. The new UI seems to be just as demanding as the old one.
And no, I don't use bloom either. For that is out of the equation.
And YES the new UI *still* causes the same fps drop as the old one.

By the way, you mentioned that it is the same as the old UI just with changed textures. If that were the case, what is it that makes the 'new' UI so much more efficient and "less demanding" as you put it?
As far as I can tell, your assertion that the new UI is "less demanding" is a load of rot.

Btw they even said is a reskined UI,not new UI .Guess a Blue Volvo is not Volvo if you paint it in other colour
The "blue volvo" analogy you use is apt, I think. Volvos of old were reliable, they worked and were fairly simple to use. Not great, but good enough for most.
The 'new' ui (I'm going to keep using that term, simply because it is easier to say new rather than whatever designation you would use. Also, it seems to aggravate members of the CDF ) is harder to use, plain and simple. It's not as clear as the current UI.

Take a screenshot at 1.00 UI scale both tribble and holodeck at the same resolution and you will see that the power buttons have the same size and the only think bigger are borders of the power tray and some menus.
You came up with the idea, so why don't you do it?

The new buttons are visibly smaller. Not much smaller granted, but they are slightly smaller. But that wouldn't be much of a problem if the labels on them had remained the same as the ones we currently have on holodeck.
Problem is, they haven't. They have been changed so that it is much more difficult to tell which button is which at a glance.
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