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03-31-2013, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by kalani2 View Post
That said the problem I have with new UI is that I have to enlarge it to take up about 30-35% of my screen so the icons are big enough for me to distinguish between them. The current UI on holodeck only takes up about 25% of my screen to accomplish the same objective. That's a problem no matter how you cut it or what you call it.
I can see them as well as I can see them on live.

The Icons are only a few pixels smaller then they are on live, is is really that much of a difference?

This image below is my tribble Power tray compared to Live. The difference is not that big at all, its only a few pixels.

Anyways, as for the wasted space,

Unless you're not referring to those icons.

Also I don't see what you you mean by wasted space. I'm looking at two screenshots of nearly the same thing on holodeck and tribble, the HUD seems to take up the same amount of space it did before. Any places that are taking up more space, I never used that area.

Here is my HUD on tribble:
And Holodeck:

Doesn't seems to be taking up any more space then normal. Put them side by side in a tab and switch between them repeatedly.

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