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03-31-2013, 06:31 AM
Look to the right of your boff called "alyx". What's that? Big black blob of wasted UI space.

Look at the gaps between the various buttons and gizmos. What are they? Bits of wasted space.

Look at how much wider the UI is in your tribble shot compared to your holodeck shot.

Look at the power preset buttons on tribble now, they're all far too similar to each other, where as on holodeck they are all easy to distinguish from one another at a glance.

It's quite an alarming difference even on an HD monitor like yours (and mine). What about people who have to play this game on lower res monitors like on laptops or old monitors? Just try running the game at a low res and tell me if it's still usable.

Again, I re-iterate my call for either a total rethink of this 'new' UI or at least the availability of an option to retain the current UI.
Personally, I'd prefer a total rethink of the UI from the ground up but I'd be quite happy with the ability to stay with the old UI.
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