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03-31-2013, 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by tuskin67 View Post
Space that isn't even needed, at least for me. What would I put there, or even look at there? Although I agree the black spot next to Alyx is a little big.
That's the point exactly. We don't need extraneous bits of UI that is essentially useless garnish. It serves no purpose and should be binned in the name of usability, clarity and efficiency.
Oh god, now I sound like Seven of Nine

Maybe if you're sitting 5 feet from your monitor, I can tell the difference between them easily. Besides their position has not changed, you don't need the symbols to know what they are if you know their position on the tray, but I suppose it would be harder for people with bad eye sight or are new at the game.
The idea of an mmo is to get new people in. If they don't find the UI easy to use then it's another reason for them to quit.
We may know the game well enough to know which button is which, other people may struggle.

Btw, try telling the icons apart when you're in combat and can only afford enough time for a quick glance. They're similar enough that it's much easier to mistake one for another. The old ones are, as I've said a few times now, distinct from each other. They have no similarities, while the new ones have most of their space dedicated to the same thing, a big chevron with the distinguishing mark just a teeny-weeny little blip below it.

Ok I admit, I had forgotten about that, I'm not used to thinking about 4:3 or widescreen lower then 1080p.
Neither am I tbh. I only thought of it when a friend of mine tried it out on her lappy.
Her reaction was funny to watch!
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