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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
Dilemma Time again! When I get my Fleet Advanced Escort, I will need a great deal of materials to get it functional.

1. The XII Phased Polaron weapons went from under 700k back up to 4 million each ()! And I still need 4 DHC and 2 Turrets, all of which need to be [Acc] [Dmg].

2. In addition, I need either the Aegis Set, or the materials to craft it.

3. The problem is that I only have 7 million across all my characters. Ideas? Suggestion? Anyone?
I can't really help you with the weapons, but the Aegis stuff shouldn't take you more than a week to accumulate using just one character and the biggest challenge will be obtaining enough dilithium to hit cap every day.

For getting non-dilithium materials quickly it's best to head into Klingon space and go to the Azlesa expanse - the regular one, not the one that's for LG/VA characters only - as a Fed. Once you're in all the spawns in there are data samples. IIRC you only need 40 of each kind and you should be able to get the needed traces while you're there. The biggest problem I see you facing is having your crafting at the appropriate level.

Edit: 10:04 CDT 3/31/13

Suroo I've sent you the schematics and materials needed to craft the Aegis Set, but I was mistaken about the amount of Unreplicatables needed. Each piece needs 18 Uncommon and 15 Common Unreplicatable Materials to craft so that's, 18,150 dilithium per piece. So it'll require a full week at max refining for a single character.

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