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03-31-2013, 07:08 AM
Ability: Weapons Malfunction / Polaron proc
Once an enemy is hit by it, after the weapon disable effect wears off by itself (or on usage of a power cell), it triggers an immunity effect that lasts for 60 seconds. This timer is not on par with other immunity procs (20 seconds). Additionally, if the ability is used again within that period of time, the timer is reset back to full 60s, making it difficult to use the skill to keep pressure or to more consistently reduce damage output from the affected target. A misleading effect of this is that while the target is immune to further effects of WM upon re-application, the target will show the orange lightning effect but their weapons will work as normal.

Suggestion: reduce the timer to 20s to match other immunity procs, or, if the 60s timer is intended for this case, upon reapplication of WM within that time, don't reset the timer.

[EDIT] this also applies to the Polaron proc, with the same timers. The proc already has a very short duration (about 2 seconds). A 60s immunity to further applications seems a bit too much.

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