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03-31-2013, 08:24 AM
I'll hazard to say that the Romulans will essentially be choosing "sponsors" as opposed to allies. The comparison I would like to make would be certain Middle Eastern countries whose military inventory are filled with Soviet hardware as opposed to other countries in the region with NATO equipment. Or West Germany and East Germany before the reunification. Or the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. or North Korea and South Korea.

In general, an historic event split a group of people into smaller groups with different leaders trying to be the recognized successor. But with a fractured economy and industrial base, each leader must turn to other political entities to "sponsor" their economy and military. They are still their own countries but you can tell that their sponsors have significant influence on them.

Each of those countries have gone on military exercises with their sponsor countries and in a sense, share missions with them.

Or at least this is the reasoning in my head right now.
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