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03-31-2013, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by commadorebob View Post
So, should we open the fleet to Romulan Alts and what should the limitations be?
I have my opinion, but we want to hear from the fleet.

Again, until further notice we are a Ferasan-only fleet!
My thought are simple - we're a Ferasan fleet.

We're pure, and we've had lots of people with alts unable to get in, and lots of others have been booted/made to leave for not being Ferasan.

We're not a farm for Fleet/Starbase access based on the conversations seen with those that let their friends (Ferasan and non Ferasan) in to buy things from our accomplishments.

No need to pollute the core principal of the fleet for a cosmetic avatar and some new quests/ships. Some might not want to start over for one reason or another, but many of us joined FSF knowing it was Ferasan _only_

We have lots of friendly fleets, or make a new friendly Romulan fleet, if they have Cat alts, join the cat phone.