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Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
The Borg are so overused that it isn't funny, it was good to see them finally go. The books are better without them. It was also good to see the old Cardassian monstrosity of a station go too and be replaced with a new more modern design. Too many fans hold DS9 in such high esteem when at least to me it was one of the worst series out there. I won't go into the fact that a lot of it was ripped from B5 and reworked for the series.

STO overuses the Borg as well, something I wish they would move away from and have some Undine, Iconian and Fek"lhri STF's.
I agree the Borg were over used, and needed a final confrontation.... but the Deus ex machina was a crappy ending to the well as a crappy explanation to how they got started.

That's opinion as well as mine about DS9, but blowing things up in Star Trek, then coming back is also overused..Characters come back from death, and ship coming back from's such an overused plot....I want to see a Main ship blow up with more Dramatic flare, then just the producers want a new toy to play with next...or hey look a New delta Flyer, and Defiant and Enterprise...with an A...what's the point of blowing thigns up to just come back again.