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03-31-2013, 10:09 AM
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Hi guys my name is baz44331 and I've played STO for a few month's on and off, I watched ST from a very early age but over time I have lost alot of the knowledge of the Lore but im willing to learn again. STO is epic and i would now like to join a fleet. Romulans i like and I love there ships and stuff. Anyway I went to register on your fleet website but something very strange just happened. I put my email in and it said its already in use, I have had this email address for many many years so I'm lost to how some one else has got the same email. I'm from Ireland so maybe some in the US could have one I'm not sure or the website is buged.

edit if you like to contact me you can add me on steam. [F|H]baz44331.
we use enjin for our forums so it may be possible you have registered with another enjin forum before, if so all you need to do is link to the irf and your set, we will look into this from our end as well, if you see any member ingame send us a tell to find the status, is your sto user name @baz44331 ?