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Originally Posted by renimalt View Post
Havam, IIRC the distinction is already there. Engineering team explicitly says that it clears engineering debuffs over duration as well as repairing disabled subsystems; MW only says that it repairs disabled subsystems. i.e. MW will repair any disabled subsystems, but won't cleanse effects that ET would remove (grav pulse, chron effects, some other things I probably forgot).
Yes, its a left over from the multiple itteration that the eng team cleans has gone through, while MW stayed in its pre-season 4(?) state. The MW cleanse just hasn't kept up. They used to be indentical in this respect, and i don't see why MW and Eng Team should clear subsystems differently. WIth the doffs this has become a minor but noticeable concern.

Thats why i asked WAD? Wouldn't it make sense to bring both skills back in line again?
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