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And now for the big kicker to all of this...IF Cryptic can work up the Romulan faction with leveling content from 1-50 AND add in additional leveling content for KDF to fill in the 1-20 levels and while doing all of this manage to add in new features, new rep system, new FEs AND new STFs with the majority of the work being done in 6 months, just imagine how much content they can generate for the "seasons" while moving the game forward.
Herein lies the problem. After 3 years the Klingons are a pale shadow of the Feds, both in content and the player base resulting from that lack of content. On the Fed side there are gaping holes in the content promised at launch and each season has brought more features and content that is only partially realized. Then there are the significant bugs and issues that have never been addressed.

Given all this, does anyone really expect a new faction to come close to the expectations mentioned above? And why would anyone want them putting resources into new things when they are so desperately needed elsewhere?

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