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03-31-2013, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
So your proposal is a slightly-veiled free console slot to the Dreadnought and Defiant. That sounds like power creep, since the Klingon ships with cloak are losing a console to have it but unlike Fed side they don't get an option to lose cloak and use something else instead. Would you also want all KDF ships with cloak to get an extra console?
If so, that'd currently consist of buffing all bird-of-prey ships (B'rel, QulDun, Norgh, Norgh Refit, Ki'tang, Ki'tang Refit, Hegh'ta, B'rel Retrofit, Fleet Ningtao Retrofit, Hoh'SuS, Fleet Hoh'SuS, Fleet B'Rel Retrofit), the raptors (Somraw, Qorgh, Qorgh Refit, Pach, Pach Refit, Qin, Mirror Qin, Peghqu', Somraw Retrofit, Fleet Somraw Retrofit, Fleet Qin), and the battle cruisers (K'Tanco, K't'inga, K't'inga Refit, Kamarg, Vor'cha, Vor'cha Refit, Negh'Var, Vor'cha Retrofit, Mirror Vor'cha, Kamarag Retrofit, Bortas, Bortasqu' Command, Bortasqu' Tactical, Bortasqu' War, K't'inga Retrofit, Fleet K't'inga Retrofit, Fleet Vor'cha Retrofit, Fleet Kamarag Retrofit).
I do not care about the KDF, this is pertaining to the TWO fed ships that have a cloak, with a dumbass cloak console

Originally Posted by the1tigglet View Post
I actually agree with you OP. IT would make it far simpler wouldn't it.

I personally would like this done as I sometimes jump on my Sao Paulo Defiant just for kicks and adding the consoles I need as a sci captain can be troublesome.

I'd also like to see the cloak for these ships be allowed to cloak in battle. It makes sense because they did it throughout the DS9 series.
yes this, also I love your sig

Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
indeed, and this could be accomplished quite well if they worked out the sensors vs stealth equasion so that a ship with a high sensors skill could take the role of hunting dog and be able to still chase a cloaked ship.

this is an idea i have been arguing for since coming to the forums, why cant a sci/escort by a recon hunter/killer? why cant a tac/cruiser be a siege destroyer? why cant a engie /sci be an aoe wizard?

why cant i take a small ship like a tac escort or bop and dominate in hit & run tactics? or take a bort and take the role of lynch-pin for the group?

all because some dullards want to push a restrictive and broken model...