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03-31-2013, 12:43 PM
wanted a proper stand alone romulan faction since beta. oh and yes romulans would have been a 1st choice faction if they was there at launch.

I was happy supporting this game thru the bad times and massive content draughts in the hope of it eventually happening 1 day.

the what now seems like a very misleading build up of 'march beanth the raptors wings' and the site that says you can play a romulan 3rd faction sounded like it was everything I wanted.

then you get told you actually have to pick a side in the fed/kdf war and your 'faction' gets ripped to bits.

which don't sound like a 3rd faction at all with it's own independence.

dstahl said this opens the door for making it feel more like the star trek universe. the reality is your making it feel less and less like it all the time.