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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Markon: Upheaval which you have not aided by waging this Civil War, 'Emperor'. What did you wish to ask of me?

*OOC: What's the Emperor's name? I feel kinda strange having Markon call him "Emperor" if they're old friends (not to mention the fact that Markon doesn't really recognise him as the leader of the Klingon people).*
*OOC: True but that is initially... *

Sarkon: There was no point when the people killed the last heir to the High Chancellorship... The title of Emperor is not one I don't really fancy for myself... But it is something I must do.. I am sure you have noticed what other sectors of the empire have been up to with out the great houses and a leader... The president Talikar is being used by several of his aides including Omarka.

I am sure you remember Talikar...

*hands him a cup of Bloodwine.*

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