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*OOC: True but that is initially... *

Sarkon: There was no point when the people killed the last heir to the High Chancellorship... The title of Emperor is not one I don't really fancy for myself... But it is something I must do.. I am sure you have noticed what other sectors of the empire have been up to with out the great houses and a leader... The president Talikar is being used by several of his aides including Omarka.

I am sure you remember Talikar...

*hands him a cup of Bloodwine.*
*Markon accepts the bloodwine.*

Markon: Of course. He was your student.

Talikar is an idealist. He doesn't know what it means to lead an Empire. However, he also hasn't attacked Federation Starships, much less those carrying or being commanded by his Klingon Brothers.
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