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Sarkon: Talikar is an idealist but not all idealists are fools. Preston for example was no fool. At least he knew that he had to die for his.. Of course you know Talikar always had inner strength to him when pushed..

Not expressedly attacking them.. I have also dealt with the commander that did attack you and the Federation vessel... *tosses a pug nosed grey skinned alien head..* But it seems we have more things to worry about than our usual opponents.

They do come upon Klingon ships that don't submit to them... And people.. I am sure you remember the planet of Komar III ?

*Shows a charred ruin of a planet.*

This is an example of what the advisors have done in his name but yet divert it to blame us..

They have information lock down...
Markon: Even if this is true, what do you want me to do about it? Why have you asked me here, Sarkon?

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