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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
If Red goes to Holo on Thursday, it should be fixed
Yes. The fix is on Redshirt right now.

To the OP: Shockwave is a commander science ability, 4 second stun, but since season 4 you can resist to it with dampeners in the skill tree, consoles, etc. On top of that the damage effect is so nerfed that they can just as well totally remove the damage effect all together. What else do you want to nerf on it? Nerf it to 2 second, and skill for resistance to it so you have a 1 second stun on a Commander Sci ability? Cmon.

On top of that, Omega can basically be rotated on an escort (and other ships every 30 seconds, giving you basically a 50% resistance per minute to it). Use tactical teams in between and you are almost invulnerable to any alpha, even from the best bop players.

Aux to Internal Dampeners skill also resists shockwave stuns, so I'd say plenty of counters and reductions of effect.

When shocked you can still use a few abilities like Sci team or Engi team, and a few others I think.

The problem with whiners about Shockwave is because they are all sitting ducks not having buffed a single ability when flying around, yeah. thats simply going to get you killed. Learn to prebuff, play smart with your abilities. Make it so that your rotating abilities are on your WASD/Spacebar keys etc, saves you alot of QQn.
Its pretty staight forward that if you try to buff up AFTER you got shocked, it might already be too late.
And never stop distributing shields whenever possible might also be a good idea

Sorry I dont ment to be mean but the crying about these abilities is just ungrounded (Except for B'rels that dont show themselves at all when using something in Enhanced cloak, which will soon be fixed)

For the rest, unless the BoP has some very lucky crits, most alphas can easily be countered with a bit of resistance, a Tactical team, and an EPTS. If you never prebuff those in advance, or rotate them smartly with omega, yeah you are simply going to die.

If you still have no clue what im talking about, i would friendly request you to attend to PvP bootcamp, and hopefully learn how to counter all this with greater success.

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