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Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post
Considering that they're even using such an obscure name, it strikes me that they are doing more than "simple" research.
Just inputting the word "T'Liss" into Google yields the Memory Beta page for the T'Liss class Bird-of-Prey, which is apparently the ship type that the Romulan drone ship was based off of. Considering the sparsity of that page in particular, if the STO designers wanted any more information, they'd have to actually parse through the novel. Whether they did or not is unknown, but it's a safe bet they found out as much as they could before asking to use the name.
I don't see the issue in taking the name, which was never even seen or mentioned on-screen mind you, and using it for their own purposes. And considering the time disparity (the drone ship was from Enterprise-era), it could be that this new T'Liss is an updated version of a venerable older starship design.
You know dude, doesn't take much to actually think of another name than spitting on that author who used the name in the first place.

No different than Cryptic picking and choosing what they like. That is why many Star Trek fans never played STO.

Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post
Honestly, I have no problem with this development whatsoever, and I think fans that have their ears too close to canon are taking this way too seriously.
Personally, I always found the fact that both the Klingons and the Romulans have starship types called "Bird-of-Prey" somewhat confusing. Yes, I know why that was. That doesn't mean I didn't find it any less ridiculous (Romulan D-7 Battlecruiser anyone?). The fact that Cryptic seems to be taking steps now to address this is refreshing, and it helps cement the uniqueness of the Romulan ships overall.

And consider that now the ships are specifically called "Light Warbirds". Which does imply that these ships are, in fact, light hit-and-run style starships. They just also happen to be Romulan Warbirds.
Let the Klingons keep their "Birds-of-Prey". I'm fine with "Warbirds".
Hey lets bash Star Trek fans!

You know what man, it's not cool to make Bird of Prey exclusive for the Klingons when the Romulans were the first to have the name, I'll give you a clue, the name came from that Firebird paintjob on the Dorsal sides of the ships in TOS.

That and in Star Trek 3, the Klingon BoP was originally going to be a stolen Romulan BoP. (Personally, glad that never happened).

As for the Romulan D7's, what was explained made perfect sense that Romulan ships lacked power and traded Cloaking Devices for Klingon D7s, so their new Cloaking Devices could work at maximum potential.