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03-31-2013, 02:52 PM
Honestly, I have no problem with this development whatsoever, and I think fans that have their ears too close to canon are taking this way too seriously.
Personally, I always found the fact that both the Klingons and the Romulans have starship types called "Bird-of-Prey" somewhat confusing. Yes, I know why that was. That doesn't mean I didn't find it any less ridiculous (Romulan D-7 Battlecruiser anyone?). The fact that Cryptic seems to be taking steps now to address this is refreshing, and it helps cement the uniqueness of the Romulan ships overall.
And consider that now the ships are specifically called "Light Warbirds". Which does imply that these ships are, in fact, light hit-and-run style starships. They just also happen to be Romulan Warbirds.
Let the Klingons keep their "Birds-of-Prey". I'm fine with "Warbirds".[/quote]

You misunderstand me. Warbird is the only thing 'canon' that I was thinking about here. It's not a matter of this class or another. The human mind identifies hierarchically. We see something that belongs in a category, gets a type and finally a classification. A Warbird is analogous to a heavy cruiser. You wouldn't call a frigate or gunboat a light or medium cruiser. Neither are cruisers, they're too small and they don't surve the correct purpose. You wouldn't call every ship in the USN a battleship. You wouldn't call a Klingon BoP, a 50-80 manned ship with a light hull and medium powered weapons, a battle cruiser.

Just because you have two different BoP variants or thirty Warbird variants, doesn't mean you separate them by type, they are already of the same type. You change the class. D'Deridex class Warbird, Valdore class Warbird. They are both heavy cruisers and fulfill the same role in the fleet. The difference is that the Valdore class is newer, faster, more maneuverable and more advanced. The class tells us which variation a ship fits within a ship type.