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Originally Posted by ourmaster View Post
It would be heavily exploited.
It would be practically the same as reducing cooldown of the projects to 1s. You can just start same project 1000x and merge the fleets after finishing. I don't understand how you can't see it.
To do this, all you need is 5000 players, or at least 1004, who decide that NOW is the time to start all of this. They have resources stacked up and available, but haven't spent any of it, and are all willing to work together to make this happen. If you HAD that many players, they'd already have spent the resources on their existing fleets, and would be late T4 or, more likely, T5 anyway. The same goes for 100 active players, or even 50. Fewer than that, and you're looking at the very fleets this idea seeks to assist. So there isn't a market for heavy exploitation.

Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Instead of mergers, I favor an alliance / Fleet Co-Op system where you can pool resources among small fleets. Because some small fleets (especially at this point) rather keep their identity than "becoming one with the Collective".
Are you saying you want all fleets to share one starbase? Now you have a much more complex code environment, where each fleet's contributions must somehow be tracked and rewarded appropriately. Else, what do you do when fleets dissolve the relationship? And if you make it a permanent decision, then you have a single fleet with sixteen different names and rank structures. All MMOs require you to choose between joining a big guild/fleet/whatever, or having a unique identity, and giving up the big-group benefits until your smaller group can do it themselves. However, on other MMOs, it doesn't require nearly as much effort to level a new guild. A small but active guild on WoW would be approaching level 25 this many months after the mechanic came out on STO. Small fleets here are all T2, and some T3. Since Cryptic chose to present such a barrier to progress as they did, we ask that we be allowed to take the millions of dil we've poured into our fleets, and just combine them into a single fleet.
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