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03-31-2013, 10:14 PM
Originally Posted by abaddon653 View Post
First I would like to ask the Mods that they leave this alone and not clump it as it is my own little tribute to the Romulans and not a discussion on them, thanks guys.

We are Romulan no longer
Our home has been destroyed
Our fleets have been ravaged
Our families destroyed or scattered
We are Romulan no longer

The Raptors wings are clipped
Her powerful claws are shattered
No longer shall we march
Our destinies are not ours
We are Romulan no longer

Now our enemies control us
We will follow their commands
We fly on their orders
We kill at their behest
We are Romulan no longer

Weep brothers and sisters weep
We are Romulan no longer
Lol, wut? Being Romulan is about surviving, being wary of both enemies and "allies" and not being Vulcan. I'll be siding with the KDF. Targets will be Feds as usual, along with any broken Romulans...

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