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03-31-2013, 10:20 PM
Short Term

add some deeper story fix the graphical bugs and combat bugs.
remove the real money cost from fleet earn ships. AKA Fleet modules.

Mid term

Add some features for fleet actions at lower levels and get some better ground play you could increase late game pay off to allow a player to get started for fleet base (guild based) raids or fleet only actions that have the largest pay offs.

Long term

More factions. this is star trek not pvp starfleet star trek has tons of good factions rangeing from the dominion, borg, cardassians and more. this is just a start. there are thousands of racial quests that can go into this certain races get requests from home to act for there species and such. the game could be amazing if allowed to. but little changes like more random generated quests and far more factions. and don't forget to try restricting technolagy for races... starfleet is known for certain weapons and rules and the prime directive prevents them from takeing certain tech. they can modify it on some ships but that is only during war. think about that before allowing federation and klingon with borg style weapons or dominion style weapons.