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Originally Posted by argent007 View Post
wrong peregrine

gotta go to ESD and requisition the white-level peregrines from the shipyard

all contributions are now white-level...ALL of them; this includes fleet contributions

to be precise, all the higher-rarity requirements for all contributions were dropped to common when season seven was released....although patch notes will only say that this is for the fleet starbases and embassies, this also extended to the personal reputations for the few instances you need to contribute items that have higher rarities available
There are no white level peregrine fighters. Shipyards sell only blue quality hangar pets, and the reputation project requires blue quality. I should know, I'm currently working on getting the ultra rare advanced scorpion fighters from the reputation system.

To the OP, did you try to contribute the peregrine fighters that came with your Heavy Escort Carrier from the C-store? I recently purchased it myself and found the pets that come with it, although exactly the same as what you can buy in a shipyard for EC, don't qualify. Probably because you could discharge the ship and reclaim it for free getting another hangar pet and do it repeatedly until you have enough for the reputation project, so they can't be used like that. The reason why I ask is because the item in your screenshot has no EC value listed in the tooltip.
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