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# 141 What is really changed
04-01-2013, 12:24 AM
Changes are good but is this really good?
To paste new UI on buggy matrix hhmmmm ?
Why new reputation with Nukara marks is in it enough star base,embassy,omega,romulan , reputation ?
Is it really ok to make one to another ripoff how many ripof-marks we should expect from you in the future ?

For 3 years I am thinking to pay life time subscription, but I cant cause it still ringing in my ears answer ticket from your support (with out any apologies or anything just (**** HAPPENS-shortly)

That was happen last year (during major backup-maintenance of your servers ) 48 hrs of work and get on all of 3 characters on my account was complete ruined - erased. I quit my monthly subscription after that.

Today My UI interface are so fu**** on live holodeck server that on Klingon faction i cant change outfit and cant edit it to .The list with stupidities and bugs are so long that our Galaxy look like spot in compare with it.

I say again it is good to change something or everything but I see that this changes are inspired by greed and lost for money, very bad cosmetic work extreme amateur. For last 3 years this game is in constant alpha or beta phase never was in full functional mode .Yesterday i was on fleet duty Klingon (500 strong) and new Federation fleet (48 strong) for 24 hrs 15 people show up , in 10 pm you couldn't queued for STF have to wait 15-25 min for start.Why is that?

Do you really listen community of players and read GM and other tickets ?
Are you capable to develop and maintain this project or you just act that you can do that ?
Why don't you involve players community in development and other we can really help ?

I beg Cryptic and PW to fix this game first then make cosmetic changes , if you don't do that people will left and you will close for-good .
In the beginning there was all and then become nothing

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