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Recently I purchased the Heavy Escort Carrier from the C-store. When I right click and select "info" on the Torpedo Point Defense system universal console it comes with, it says at the bottom:
"Normal ship operations, including standard weapon systems, can continue while the point defense system is active, and the system can be deactivated early if desired."

And below that it says:
Toggle (1.8 max)
Affects foes (8 max)
10 kilometer sphere
3 minute recharge
1,331 kinetic damage x6 per target

OK.....It indicates the ability is a toggle but in fact it is not. When using the ability it lasts for 2 seconds then goes into a 3 minute cooldown. A toggle would mean it stays on and keeps activating until I either decide to turn it off, or I am defeated in battle.

So either the item is not suppose to be a toggle and it is simply a text error in the info, or it IS suppose to be a toggle and doesn't function properly.

Edit: Screenshot (available skills window)
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