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OOC: Where was I... oh yes.

*Near Earth, 2879. The Federation court came to a final conclusion and has contacted Starfleet of 2409. All records of this communication were deleted. Voporak is onboard a shuttle with ten guards, and their destination is a Wells class ship that will take Voporak back to 2409. However, the shuttle is headed to the Black Phantom first because Voporak has been permitted to retrieve his personal belongings.*

Guard: Alright, don't waste time here.

Voporak: Why of course not.

*The shuttle docks with the Phantom and Voporak is escorted through the corridor by the guards. He looks around casually, and keeps an eye on a wall console up ahead. As they pass by, Voporak stops and bends over, coughing*

Guard: Are you alright?

*Voporak punches the console and does a barrel roll out of the group of guards, who are immediately stunned by an electrical charge. The console then opens up and reveals Voporak's shotgun, which he takes.*

Voporak: I am, of course, but I think you need to see a doctor.

*He activates the transporter and beams off everyone but himself*

Voporak: I can't keep them waiting. The show must go on. *as he takes the turbolift to the bridge* And it will go on.

*Voporak ejects the shuttle from the shuttlebay and powers up the Phantom, then sits at the helm, alone on the ship*

*At Starfleet Command on Earth*

Ensign: Admiral! Voporak has stolen the Black Phantom!

Starfleet Admiral (vengeful look of rage): Stop him at all costs! All ships, pursue the Black Phantom! Do not let it get away!

*The Phantom clears the drydock and begins moving away, but behind him every other ship in orbit is in pursuit*

(over the pursuing ships' comm system) Battle coordinator: Use of unnecessary force has been approved.

Voporak: You cannot stop me.

*All ships open fire on the Phantom*

Voporak: The show must go on.

*Phasers batter the Phantom's shields and torpedoes are on their way*

Voporak: The show will go on.

*The torpedoes impact the rear shield and explosions rock the bridge. Voporak opens a channel to the Admiral*

Voporak: Don't you see? This is not the end. I cannot be ended. I cannot-

*Another explosion cuts off the comm. Amidst the walls and floor of the bridge tearing up in explosions, Voporak accesses the temporal displacement device. "DUPLICATION PROCESS INITIATED" appears on the console just before it blows up. Voporak opens a temporal rift*

Voporak: You may say goodbye to me, but I am not gone!

*The Phantom is pulled through, and the anomaly shuts, leaving no trace.*

*In 2409, the rift opens up on a planet, over a huge desert. The Phantom, with complete loss of propulsions, glides down toward the surface*

Voporak: I will not be defeated. *he looks at what remains of the viewscreen to see the desert surface getting closer* I will not be defeated...

*The starboard nacelle lowers down and scrapes the ground. The ship is knocked up and hurtles forward, totally out of control. Near vertical to the ground, the deflector "nose" hits and the ship tumbles end over end. It completely and finally loses all hull integrity and finishes in an antimatter explosion.*
OOC: Woah... wasn't expecting that.

So... are you still gonna be doing role play...?

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