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Originally Posted by renimalt View Post
Retrosrages, it sounds like you're having difficulty surviving the initial PSW stun. Surviving the stun and the strike that follows is all about getting the critical buffs that will keep you alive up before the stun hits, and then applying repairs/other countermeasures when you regain control. You'll need to pay attention and anticipate PSWs before they hit you, but once you do you'll easily counter most of these alpha strikes.
You know me Renim, you know that I am a somewhat capable escort player, and as weird as it may sound, the OP has a point.

Under normal circumstances, the attacked player has a time window of about 1 second to react to the incoming stun.

Under certain circumstances (I don't wanna get into details), the time window to react is ZERO. The stun gets applied on you before the BOP decloaks and get targetable itself. I have frapsed and watched these attack runs in slow motion. In a nutshell, right now BOPS are capable of stunning while they are cloaked. Listening to audio clues will not help. "Staying alert" will not help.

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