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I have a 3D capable Machine with Shutter Glasses that works with nearly Every Game on High Graphics. Shadows and Bloom in Star trek online must be Switched of and this recks the Perception of Depth in 3D very badly. The Ground and space Missions are unplayable in 3D because of these issues and Lables over Charicters Distrupt 3D Effects making it uncomfortable to View. Nvidea rate this game as "GOOD" in 3D but realistically it schould be not reccomended unless the settings are changed. Your game Say's ITs partnered with NVIDEA, yet the problem still Sits Unresolved as 3D Display's Get better And Cheaper.

PLEED: Can you please at least Fix the Lables on Ground missions over Charicters, this is Real Bad and Painfull to View, or, Release an Advise that you are Aware and at this time 3D is not Reccomended and tell NVIDEA to update their Compatibility Lists. Its so Dissapointing that i cant play STO in Stereoscopic 3D, as it would be a real Treat!.

POSSIBLE WORKAROUND: Try Anaglyph RED,CYAN, I have these Glasses too and if you lower the Depth to Near Minimal the game is nearly playable with Full Graphics, But the loss of Coulours really Dampen the Expirience, and i do not reccomend Klingon Missions with RED,CYAN. GREEN and MAGENTA Anaglyph works better than Shutter Technology aswell, Through you are Sligtly Coulour blinded, Klingon missions are better Played with GREEN AND MAGENTA Glasses as the Red,Brown Spectrum is less Difficult to look at. GREEN and MAGENTA works ok With Federation Missions Aswell, But really Sufferes From Bloom Like Shutter Glasses and Interface is very Disterbing to look at. Lower Interface Scale Helps a Little, but is out of place in screen Depth.

Cheers, Azurerail1