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04-01-2013, 07:27 AM
The pitfall we come up against for mass production is that with the components, color schemes and stenciling there are potentially hundreds if not thousands of variants to a single ship which would not be practical to mass produce. Mass production would offer a basic design, ie a Borg assimilated Intrepid that would have the basic coloring and addons of that class but it would not be an exact replica of you customized version in game.
Any kind of customizing needed to make the ship an exact duplicate would require a skilled labor element to assemble and detail the ship.
This is why we are talking about 3D printing, which would allow the customized version to be produced from the outset without the need of extensive labor. What we are hanging up on is whether the materials used for 3D printing would be durable enough to produce finer detailed components like the thin tentacle elements of Borg assimilated gear, if it is, then there is no problem, but if it is too brittle then we would need some means of producing these more fragile components, which would require post print assembly, necessitating a labor component that will add to the expense of the finished product.