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Originally Posted by oneandonlyrecce View Post
1. The post you linked to states "I'll repeat that this DOES NOT GUARANTEE that support will be able to recover your character, but they will need this aboved information before they can act upon your request."
Yes true, it does not guarantee. Maybe it is not even possible anymore to restore, it has been 4 days now. But I will keep singing songs for Saborga so she will not be forgotten

Originally Posted by oneandonlyrecce View Post
2. The post is from back in the days of subscription only, before F2P. The process may required more time/effort that it's worth them doing for someone who's not a LTS.
Well, I am a LTS. I have been playing since Beta almost non stop, helped many players and bring many players to the game.
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One of my main characters playtime:
[6:34] [System] Superborg has been on active duty for 118 days, 1 hour, 30 seconds.

I have tried everything so far, ticket system and making thread on forum. Also I have been sending PMs to Cryptic Studios Team and Community Manager. They cannot help me because this matter belongs to the GM department.

So I have mixed feelings:
1: I feel stupid for making such dumb mistake
2. Being a loyal STO player and feeling a bit depressed by GM's that they don't try harder
3: Feeling happy that you all try to help me

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