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04-01-2013, 10:11 AM
completely agree. So I'm a lifer right been playing for a very long time as a player. NWO comes out and I saw in a video just how easy the NW foundry is going to be to use to create content for that game. So I figured hmmm must be the same on STO because this game is made by the same people and it's three years old now surely that's where they got the idea for making the NWO foundry so easy right? WRONG. Seriously, you have to know how to code to make objects interactive??? really?! What happened and why didn't someone update the foundry on this game? And are there going to be plans to make the update so people aren't stuck trying to figure this mess out?
MMO's of 2014 where normal gameplay is considered an exploit and the eastern billing model is celebrated by apologists. smh