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Since STO is trying to fix issues before the next season patch, I would appreciate it is these issues were addressed ASAP.

Issue #1

Memory Leaks, Memory Leaks, Memory leaks. This game never had so many crashing issues before Season 7, but now everytime I try to beam down to New Romulus the game crashes talking about lack of Memory and says I need 78 GB of memory to load. I have reported this at LEAST 150 times. This is how often I have crashed beaming into other places. For any other place than New Romulus it is random, but New Romulus is ALWAYS. If crashes can't be fixed now, image how bad the game will crash in MAY, please fix this.

Issue #2

Many have noticed this, but I don't see any thread about it. Saurian Purple Efficient BOFF's aren't actually Purple because after they are added to your ship they turn blue. This is EVERY Single Efficient Saurian. What is the point of having a purple over a blue if they turn out the same when you add them to the ship? This has been around since Season 7 also, and it is kinda weird that people know about but it has not been addressed.