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04-01-2013, 01:05 PM
I personally only have a Bachelor Degree and I'm sure there are a number of successful foundry authors with less.

It so happens that the first Foundry Authors Academy occurred a week ago and recently had the recording posted. This was made for new authors and is a great tutorial for showing you all the basics how to build a mission. It's about 3 hours long so you may want to set aside an afternoon to go through. (I'm told more bite sized chucks are coming soon.)

One thing to keep in mind is that you will at times need to alter an aspect of your story to fit with in the confines of the Foundry. A lot of new authors will hit a road block and stop not realizing that a small change in the way the story is presented can sidestep the block. If you do run into these problems or am just confused about a particular aspect of the Foundry, you can post your question here on the forums or head over to the Starbase UGC chat room for quicker feedback. Most of the Foundry authors are more than happy to help and throw their experience at your problem.

Lastly, while the NW foundry is more polished than STO's, at the core, it's the same Foundry. The way missions are constructed in both are very similar, so running to NW won't solve problems you have here.