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To the OP re: Diplomatic Investigations -

As others have posted, these are relics from pre-DOff Diplomacy, when the only way to progress through Diplo was via non-combat cluster missions, some patrols, and a couple other missions related to featured episodes. The greatest majority being the clusters, but it was purely random what you would get. So they added the Diplomatic Investigations (DI) to help you find non-combat cluster missions. It was buggy and often didn't work. You'd get a DI for X Cluster, go there, and it was supposed to make the first system you selected guaranteed diplo-related, but it often failed. Also there was a time-limit on how long the DI lasted.

In those days, in order to complete Diplo you needed something like 1300 Diplomatic Experience Points (DXP, again, talking pre-DOff, post-DOff it became just another CXP). All DXP missions only gave you 10 Diplomatic Experience Points, with the exception of First Contact missions (which I think you get access to at T3?) which grant 0-20 (depending how well you did).

When DOffing first came around, there was now a whole new avenue to get Diplo CXP (formally DXP) through DOff missions, of course now you had to get to 100k CXP to reach T4, and while all the old mechanics/missions remained for Diplo, they still only awarded 10-20 CXP. Clearly not worth the time.

However, they have fixed it!

I'm not sure when, exactly, if it was S6 or S7, but they've fixed Diplomatic Investigations and First Contacts. (I can't speak for Patrol missions, I think those were all removed, but I'm not sure.)

The way DIs work now, about every half-hour you can talk to Jiro Sugihara at ESD (or just via your mission journal), and he'll offer you 1-3 DI in random clusters. Go to the appropriate cluster, and you'll see a DI button on your screen (default location, I believe is bottom-right), click that and you'll be sent into a system for an Aid the Planet mission. Costs a little money to get the commodities, but it's fast and painless otherwise. Works lovely to get some regular XP/Expertise, and they now grant 100 DXP. That's more than most 1hr DOff missions (and takes 2-5mins depending on travel time).

As others have mentioned, completing a DI counts towards your Explore wrapper 3-mission requirement, so there's Dilithium in it for you too!

What I would do while DOffing a recent new toon, was regularly check Jiro for DIs and grab every one. I wouldn't normally go out of my way to each cluster, but I'd leave them in my journal. Eventually as I traveled around looking to complete my Colonization Chains I would go to clusters that had active DIs and complete them. Easy.

FC do still exist, and award 100-200 CXP now, but take a long time/lot of reading to complete. They are sort of entertaining once or twice, but once I realized the text doesn't make a lot of sense, I found them a waste of time and would not recommend them after doing a sample one.

So, Diplomatic Investigations are awesome additions to augment the DOffing system, but I wouldn't concentrate too much time hunting them (unless it actually is something you enjoy). Sending your DOffs off on assignments is by far the best way to level-up your Diplomacy.

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does the "voting rights" really work? i could never figuere how that works.
I think voting rights refers to dialogue options, which become available during missions. When you play through missions with another person, while on Deep Space Nine, they will allow you to vote on which dialogue choice to make. Whatever dialogue option gets the most votes, the game will use it to trigger off an npc reply. Your vote will outweigh the other people in your team.
This is false. The Voting Rights refer to a feature at DS9 that no longer exists.

Basically at various, specific times (I think it was like quarter-past the hour, or something like that, anyway), upstairs at DS9, an alien ambassador would show up. Fed players of Ambassador Diplomacy level could talk to this ambassador and vote on what freebie would be given away that hour. The voting would go on for X-minutes (5?). Whatever prize got the most vote was then given away for the next X-minutes (15?).

The prizes were things like batteries and hypos and other consumables or commodities. The "best" were transwarp tokens (single-use jumps to various locations). But here's the catch, the prizes were only awarded to characters that were NOT already Ambassadors. Yeah, if you could vote, you couldn't win anything. I never understood the idea behind that... >shrug<

There would be auto-announcements in DS9 chat when the ambassador would appear, when prizes were available, etc. Most people (including players who could vote) had no idea what any of it meant (due to lack of documentation) and the whole processes was extremely buggy, to boot. So it was removed from the game, if not the list of T4 awards.

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