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04-01-2013, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by dark4blood View Post
Issue #2

Many have noticed this, but I don't see any thread about it. Saurian Purple Efficient BOFF's aren't actually Purple because after they are added to your ship they turn blue. This is EVERY Single Efficient Saurian. What is the point of having a purple over a blue if they turn out the same when you add them to the ship? This has been around since Season 7 also, and it is kinda weird that people know about but it has not been addressed.
Purple 'Efficient' Saurians have always been an exception to Purple Boffs... Instead of having 2 'Superior' Traits, they have 1 'Superior' Trait plus the Space Trait 'Efficient', and this has always been the case, ever since they came out... A even bigger issue is that Trait-wise, there is no practical difference between 'Green' & 'Blue' Efficient Saurians except for Skills, and Skills can always be trained over...

To correct the display of 'Efficient' Saurians would probably require a major change to the Data structures that Cryptic uses internally, and probably isn't worth the potential for introducing new Bugs into the system.