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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We're focusing on kit swapping in this fix, but intend to adjust how death interacts with these summoned turrets, as well.

The intended behavior that we're aiming for, is for turrets to be allowed to linger after the Engineer's death, but get replaced if s/he summons a new one after respawning.
If I were you I would also focus on the sci kit swap that would allow a person to gain nanite health monitor from med kit and carry that into combat with physics kit on etc....

Also the support tech and equip tech kit swap with 3 doffs that allow you to gain double the equip diag firepower procs and thus major firepower and orbital strike that can reach almost 2000 base dmg.

A simple fix would be to have equip diag power put the player on red alert.

Also see if it is possible to have doff swapping disabled during red alert. An engy using equip tech kit can swap those equip diag doffs for shield recharge ones after he gets his proc during red alert.

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