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# 35 PVP and me
04-01-2013, 12:49 PM
Thanks for the words of wisdom !!
I would like to offer you my views of pvp in STO
First a little history on me, since you assume that I need to read yours.
First I played STO for a little over a year when it went Free to play
I immensely enjoy the Star Trek FRANCHISE!!! whatever movie or every show I have seen them all huge trek fan and really all around Nice guy.
started playing pvp with 2 other ppl

We were in a very much RP and PVE fleet the Borg Special Operations Group.
All 3 of us have played together for the better part of 6 months and we decide we love pvp at least Fed Vs Fed ( Wan hates Carrier KDF CHEESE)

We form the Galactic Privateer Syndicate together and vow that we will ALL be equal and everyone who joins our fleet can be free to do what they want and play what they like (PVP, PVE RP whatever) we all try to answer questions from new players and even try to help members upgrade their builds. . . We do not tell kids to go out and spend 30$ -50$ on ships or Consoles to win match's. We try to play the game like a game of Chess or a honorable Joust! We hold PVP practise groups etc. and enter the queues and fight arenas and have fun and win and lose.
The fun part about this game is the ability to Counter other ppls powers.
I see Torps I hit BFI
I see 5 ppl shooting me at once I use RSP
I see my team mate getting shot I use Extend Shields
I see someone with 2 Beam overload Stacked on them I use Scramble SENSORS with a BIOLOGIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see why you Sad Pandas can hold a pvp tournament and come up with 10 rules that ALL teams must use and blah blah blah its Great!!!! it really is !!!
But if our match with your team is the outcome of a Tournament HOSTED and WON by the same fleet I call Shinannigans!!! Have fun standing on that Podium when the SAD Pandas win another PVP Tournament and have Vanquished ALL who come to fight you

Have Fun in May!!