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04-01-2013, 12:52 PM
UI inferior? Yes
Impossible? No
Complicated? Yes
Extra Creativity? Yes

The Foundry is a mess (Blame Beta verison?) but it is not impossible to create missions.
I am not a master mind of the craft, but I have watched lot of Youtube sessions and after that I was pretty much solo going.

The thing is, that The Foundry is not complicated, its simple, to simple it makes it kind of complicated. Do you want to do advanced stuff, then you need to get your creativity going and know how you are going to bend the simple to advance.

Example, A object can only be used in one objective, after that it can't be selected.
So, how to break this? Easly, make two consoles, A & B.
A is for the first objective
B is for the second objective
Stack them togheter on the map.

Make the B invisible till the first objective is done and then make it visible when the second objective is active and make object A invisible after the first objective is done.

I suppose it sounds like nonsense to you, but it is a complicated messure that must be done in a simple program to make an advanced map.

Anyway, I don't know if I am just rambling here but to the point.
Make simple missions to begin with and then move up the ladder.
I have had to much prestige in my Foundry missions, so advanced that I never really complete them because I lack knowledge and time.

The best learning process is by doing.

Good luck