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04-01-2013, 02:12 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We're focusing on kit swapping in this fix, but intend to adjust how death interacts with these summoned turrets, as well.

The intended behavior that we're aiming for, is for turrets to be allowed to linger after the Engineer's death, but get replaced if s/he summons a new one after respawning.
While additional pets are a real problem of engineer, the one thats related to kit switching currently is in the list as #9 btw:

09. Doff: Diagnostic Engineer: Chance to increase ranged damage with Equipment Diagnostics
Issue: The equipment diagnostic doff dmg proc can be stacked, equipping 3 DE doffs while switching through multiple Equipment Technician kits rebuffing equipment diagnostic allows to continuously increase ranged damage (this includes gunfire and orbital strike damage). This allows engineers with enough kits to swap to increase dmg to get close/surpass even tac dmg and for more then one shot even.
What this means is, an engineer would just cast equipment diagnostic while switching through enough KITS to get a guarateed dmg enhancing proc.. or even multiple of those procs (they stack).

Kit switching resets the cooldown on equipment diagnostic, while equipment diagnostic itself won't stack the doff proc from the diagnostic engineers do stack and increase dmg, weapon dmg and orbital strike dmg.
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